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Sankalp Instant Uttapam Mix | 400 gm

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Sankalp Instant Dosa Mix | 400 gm

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Sankalp Instant Upma Mix | 400 gm

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Sankalp Molgapodi Chutney | 200 gm

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Sankalp Kesari Halwa | 85 gm

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Chutney – The Inseparable Companion of Every Meal

In the majority of Indian homes, a dinner is typically incomplete without some chutney by the side. In India, there is practically no restriction on the variety of chutneys that may be created or the kind of ingredients that can be used.

Chutneys are great to use as a dipping sauce with momos, samosas, burgers, or even as a palate cleanser after a meal. Many chaats would likewise lose their appeal if no chutney was added to them!  View some of the top chutney options available for purchase online at Sankalp Foods.

  1. Chutney box  
  2. Bhel puri chutney  
  3. Garlic chutney 
  4. Pani puri sweet chutney 
  5. Samosa chutney  
  6. Mango chutney
  7. Molgapodi Chutney
  8. Schezwan Chutney 

No Colors, No Added Preservatives

We don’t use any artificial colors or oils in our chutneys. It may be mixed, spread, and used as a dip. This is a true handmade chutney collection created with premium, zesty ingredients.

The British used to prepare the chutney for eating by their army during their dominion over India after discovering the recipe. The Indians first used the frozen method of food preservation around 500 BC, and both the Romans and the British later adopted it.

Eat In As Many Ways As You Want! 

You may eat chutneys from the Sankalp Food Collection in a variety of ways. You may eat it with rotis or use it as a sandwich spread.  Molagapodi Chutney goes well with parathas, steamed rice, dosas, and even as a dip for chips or lavash sticks. Garlic chutney and mango chutney, for example, can be combined with curd, butter, milk, edible oil, and ghee. For instance, the bhel puri chutney  – you may eat it with parathas, as a dip with samosas or kachoris, or you can mix part of it with curd to make a fast raita.

Your Own Chutney Box

Create your own chutney box by picking up any of the above listed to create an assortment for your own house or to gift friends and family on a special occasion. We bet, every time you meet them next, you will be appreciated for not just the flavors but also for your thoughtfulness.